Perion Investors Presentation at Needham Conference

Cookieless Targeting

Providing consumer privacy AND excellent performance

SORT, or Smart Optimization of Responsive Traits, is a pivotal innovation which proves cookieless advertising can exceed the performance results of campaigns that are marked by pixel-invading privacy

This is a technological outcome of Perion’s investment in its “Intelligent HUB” – a platform for pulling in signals across all advertising channels and optimizing traffic at scale, yielding superior engagement metrics and KPIs. Recognizing the reality of new and emerging privacy regulations and guidelines, Perion’s data scientists developed a proprietary AI technology that identifies “common ground” traits that drive predictable and scalable target audience results across all devices, based on a variety of real time data signals, on the fly, all without the use of cookies.

Advertisers will have the ability to display a SORT Signal to highlight to consumers that they are protecting their privacy.

SORT has been awarded with
Neutronian’s Cookieless Certification.

“a scalable, cookieless targeting solution, on par with or better than third-party cookie-based targeting options.”

Timur Yarnall

CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian