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New May 10, 2023

Episode #5 – Inherent Tensions in Digital Marketing and Advertising Today

Adam Hanft and Social Media & Marketing Manager, Maddie Michowski, explore the nuanced tensions that exist in digital marketing and advertising today. They’re covering short-form vs. long-form content, privacy vs. carefree and share-free, wellness vs. wildness and more.

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April 3, 2023

Episode #4 – Out of Home, Binaural Sound, and The 2023 AdTech Industry Trends

In just 20 minutes, we’re hitting all of 2023’s hottest industry topics. Undertone’s President, Dan Aks, is interviewing Nicole Muscatello, VP of Sales and they’re covering everything from binaural sound and immersive ads to the growing demand for CTV and OOH advertising. The episode also touches on ChatGPT, workplace trends, SORT, and purpose-driven advertising.

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February 27, 2023

Episode #3 – Ongoing Privacy Changes & The Lasting Impact On AdTech

Dan Mano from Perion is sitting down with Undertone’s Regional Vice President of Sales, West, Joe Ward, to discuss a topic constantly at the forefront of AdTech news –– privacy.

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