Perion In Numbers

Unstoppable Market

Global digital advertising is on track to exceed half a trillion dollars in just a few years. The pandemic has accelerated this trajectory, and Perion competes in the three pillars that make up this massive market

Worldwide Digital Ad Spending





Annual Revenue
Marches On

Our three-pillar strategy has delivered healthy, robust growth - even as the pandemic sent shockwaves through the market and weaker entities bled red.

Cost Optimization

We’ve steadily improved cash flow and reduced debt, giving us the firepower to make strategic acquisitions and invest in R&D, all focused on strengthening our three-pillar coverage.

Net Debt
Net Cash

Tech Moat

We run a lean machine, continually improving efficiencies and driving down OPEX, which further enables R&D funding to drive competitive differentiation and assure success in a dynamically changing industry.


Three Year
Growth Plan

Given the market we compete in, and our track record, and the market fit of our three-pillar advantage, we are confident in these numbers.