New users are the lifeblood of every brand. Perion’s cost-efficient system can find them, capture their full attention, and convince them. We land them in a proprietary funnel that delivers coordinated on-the-fly content, page layout and creative recommendations in a brand-safe environment. This “Capture and Convince” system enables brands to succeed and Perion to own more of the exploding digital media market.

the insights of digital nature

The instant a user lands in this unique funnel, Perion activates its proprietary Intention Score, which measures the progress from awareness to action. This score is determined by the way consumers interact with the dynamic content, advertising and layouts they are exposed to. The way human nature responds to stimuli, and how AI technology instantly adapts to that, is what Perion calls “Digital Nature.”

sixminutesa marketing eternity

We know how challenging it is to get new users to pay attention to brand messages. Perion’s protected, Owned and Operated sites solve that by delivering content – in its broadest sense – that is so compelling, consumers enjoy what they’re getting and hang out for as long as six minutes. Unheard of. In a digital world of distractions and brand risk, Perion’s ability to Capture and Convince results in lower acquisition costs and higher yields.