Actionable Performance Monitoring

The cross-channel social advertising monitoring platform that lifts ROAS

Perion’s Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM) platform Captures and Convinces users across all channels.

The steady growth of social advertising was accelerated by COVID-19 and the boom in ecommerce. This dramatic shift creates the existential challenge of running scaled campaigns across multiple social networks, and optimizing them for engagement in real-time. This requires the connection of massive amounts of cross-network data.

We collect and centralize previously siloed data enabling agencies and brands to manage cross-platform social campaigns. We identify performance bottlenecks, improve productivity, customize metrics, predict results, and test new networks.

Our AMP works with all the largest social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap, TikTok and Pinterest. The result is vastly improved productivity and improved ROI.

Worldwide Social Ad Spend

How we do it

Predictive AI Engine

Results from hundreds of thousands of campaigns, across social networks, enable us to train a model which predicts performance of social campaigns. The model needs only a few data points to forecast CPA.

Social Channel Factory

Our model ingests and harmonizes huge amounts of data from various sources. Campaign changes are sent back to the native tools for implementation.


We have removed the manual requirements that make optimization slow and clunky, replacing them with automated tagging of workflows, naming conventions, analysis and reporting - allowing teams to focus on driving performance and ROI.

Looking Forward

While the trend of increased social advertising is inexorable, how that spending will move across channels cannot be predicted. Because our APM is cross-platform, we benefit no matter how the winds of spending might shift. The combination of this capability, along with demands for performance that can be tracked and optimized in real time, demonstrates Perion’s alignment with the future.

Having insights and knowing what KPIs actually matter helps us a lot to deliver meaningful strategies and campaigns for our clients.

Sam Worley

Senior Social Media Specialist

Havas Media

Having a good overview on so many different ad accounts and lines of business benefits the way we set up and optimize our campaigns.

Tijmen ter Veen

Digital Marketing Supervisor

The Walt Disney Company

Partner Networks

Clients & Customers

“Paragone’s technology optimises reach and frequency”

Jorge Irizar

CEO, Havas Media Group