A Business Solution
for Every Digital Dollar

Perion is well-positioned to capitalize on any shifting budget between the three main pillars of digital advertising ecosystem: search; social; and display/CTV. We're in it all to win it all.

Capture and Convince
It's Everywhere You Find Perion

Every brand has the same burning need: to capture new users, engage them, and convince them. Each of our solutions accomplishes that with extraordinary efficiency. From our deep reading of intent signals, to our award-winning creative, and our proven ability to generate six minutes of optimized content stickiness.

Without Fragmentation

Our ability to Capture and Convince consumers is independent of channels. That's key to our success. The market will continue to see swings in spending, based on shifts in media philosophy. The elimination of the cookie will accelerate this volatility. Perion doesn’t need a crystal ball to profit from this, because our strategy is crystal clear: win everywhere.

Technology Solutions
for the Most Complex Brand Needs

Perion is focused on the future, and has built a tech-stack that drives our Capture & Convince business solutions. Our AI and machine learning can be applied to sourcing and optimizing traffic, transforming dumb funnels into smart consumer journeys.