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Perion is a global technology innovator in the digital advertising ecosystem, providing brands and publishers with an opportunity to unlock lucrative growth opportunities. The company operates across the three main pillars of digital advertising – ad search, social media, and display/video/CTV, representing a potential market of more than $300B.

Through its diversified portfolio of companies, Perion is perfectly positioned no matter which direction branded and e-commerce spending is headed. Each of these businesses is led by visionary and experienced leadership.

Perion further strengthens its technology moat by evolving an integrated offering, branded as “Capture and Convince,” which represents a significant industry advance in the user funnel. This new user loop, using AI and machine learning to deliver optimized advertising and content to brand-safe sites, has been shown to engage new users for up to six minutes, generating significant revenue-per-session by uniquely satisfying their interests and affinities.

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Photos By: Itay Sikolski