Search Monetization

Transforming Search Into Revenue

Capturing consumers at the moment of highest intent simply works. So it’s no wonder that brands and publishes are allocating more and more dollars to search.

At Perion we are poised to seize this shift, thanks to our longstanding relationship with Microsoft Bing and other leading search and content partners, across 34 countries. Our search monetization solutions are built to “Capture and Convince” users more holistically and effectively than conventional search solutions.

Perion offers higher ROI for publishers who seek to scale their business; we offer ROI acceleration by optimizing their search traffic, driving their revenues, and maximizing user engagement levels.

Worldwide Search Ad Spend

How we do it

It all starts with our ability to “Convince” users by matching our publishers’ audiences to the right search solution. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, we analyze tens of millions of daily searches, ensuring optimal results for our customers. In addition, our platform has expanded its capabilities to include providing search engines for obtaining data via electronic communications networks. This integrated mediation capability continues to be the fuel behind the growth and future of our search monetization business.

The future for Search monetization is bright.

Searching is a fundamental digital habit that will continue to grow. As the category grows, Perion is not standing still. We are continuously innovating, advancing our solutions to provide more value to our customers. We deploy advanced AI, neural networks, and machine learning to optimize yield for our publishers and transform search into revenues.

One Technology Platform, Three Offers

Website Monetization

Leveraging intent signals to deliver text ads, shopping offers, and premium news that enable site owners to gain higher revenues and enhance user engagement.

Search Mediation

Media Traders can monetize search demand and achieve higher yields by leveraging the machine learning that drives our mediation platform.

App Monetization

Using intent-based search signals to monetize publishers' desktop and mobile apps, white-label search engines, and more.

A renewed strategic partnership with Microsoft Bing


of partnership


over 4 years

up from 6



revenue share

“CodeFuel’s ML and AI helps media buyers buy”

Mike Wyner

Founder & CEO, Barking Ad Media