Providing consumer privacy AND excellent performance

An Award Winning Technology

Perion's AI-Based SORT® wins the Digiday Technology Awards in the 'Best Cookieless Identification Technology' category.

The Complete Guide To: Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet” is the Platinum award winner in the Viddy Awards long-form video category.

SORT® by Perion is a Silver Award Winner in The 19th Annual International Business Awards in the category of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solution.

SORT® by Perion won Excellence in Online Advertising in the Artificial Intelligence category for the 2022 MediaPost OMMA awards.



Cookieless targeting that’s driving results up to 2x higher than cookie-based approaches


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SORT® is the only cookieless targeting solution enabling advertisers to reach their audience in the exact moment they are most receptive to seeing an ad. SORT® uses proprietary machine learnings to predict consumer mindset in real-time based solely on cookieless data signals, without browser & device limitations cookie-based approaches see.

How SORT® Technology Works

When a person lands on a page within Perion’s network, SORT® clustering technology analyzes all of their cookieless attributes in real-time. Based on the combination of attributes seen, SORT® will match the person into one of our predefined SmartGroups, which allows us to predict their mindset and serve them the most relevant ad.

Driving Performance Using AI & Machine Learnings

We’ve proved users in the same SmartGroup respond similarly to ads – enabling us to:

Predict how a user is going to respond to an ad
Optimize delivery towards specific KPIs
Scale delivery across browsers & devices inaccessible with cookie-based targeting

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SORT® is outperforming cookie-based targeting for all high impact formats & advertiser verticals


What makes SORT® technology unique?

Gain insight on key moments of receptivity for the top performing smartgroups

Persona & Key Interests
Device Type & Device Maker
Operating System
Day of Week/ Time of Day

What makes SORT® technology unique?

PRIVACY & PERFORMANCE: SORT® outperforms traditional cookie-based methods across all High Impact formats and verticals, up to 2x!

PRIVACY COMPLIANT: SORT® does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), adhering to all industry regulations.

INCLUSIVE vs EXCLUSIVE: SORT® has an inclusive approach to targeting to identify more of your audience with no predetermined bias.

EASY TO ACTIVATE: SORT® is available Direct & Programmatic Guaranteed with no opt-ins required by the advertiser, consumer, or publisher.

SCALEABLE: Unlike other targeting solutions, SORT® has no scale limitations and is fully accessible across Perion’s full publisher network, and all browsers, devices & formats.

TARGETING BASED ON REAL-TIME: SORT® predicts a user’s mindset in the exact moment they land on a page in our network, without using any historical data on past behaviors.

Smart targeting based on shared mindsets VS individual data sets

People cannot be reduced to a historical dataset. They exist in real-time. Emotions change. Needs change. Desires change. SORT® changes with them.

SORT® Technology

Machine learning model analyzes millions of data combinations to create cookieless targeting groups consisting of people who THINK & REACT to ads like one another.

Traditional Tactics

Targeting groups consists of people who LOOK like one another, based on historical data on past behaviors.


SORT® is a win-win solution for advertisers & consumers. Advertisers are loving the increased performance from SORT®


We’re putting a privacy protection shield on all campaigns utilizing SORT®, so consumers know they’re not being tracked

“Perion’s SORT® technology perfectly achieved our need for a solution that protects user privacy, while maintaining relevancy and performance… it allowed us to find consumers we were never able to reach with previous methods… [and] we saw this new technology overwhelmingly exceed third-party cookies’, across all of our main KPI’s.”

“The Colorado Tourism Office has been hard at work discovering targeting solutions that are future-proofed. So, when presented with the opportunity to test out Perion’s new cookieless technology, SORT®, we jumped at it. In the tests we ran, we were able to reach entirely new audiences by scaling our delivery on previously inaccessible browsers, AND results also significantly exceeded our cookie-based targeting tactics. Scale, privacy & performance? Can’t beat it!”

“As a healthcare brand in a highly-regulated industry, we have to be
stringent with the opportunities we choose to test and learn from. Perion’s new SORT® cookie-less targeting solution was a welcome solution to our Open Enrollment campaign as it allowed a privacy-compliant way to test moving away from traditional 3rd party and pixel-based targeting and optimization models.

Through SORT®, Perion identified and optimized toward top-performing SmartGroups throughout the flight, driving a 39% and 87% lift across our core creative units, as compared to cookie-based methods. As our industry moves away from cookies, solutions like SORT® ensure that we are future-proofing Ambetter by maximizing campaign KPIs in a compliant, consumer-first way”

Sarah Wilson, Senior Media Director HLK Agency

Consumers love that their privacy is being respected

A 2021 study with Lucid on consumers sentiment towards ad targeting & privacy showed:

74% would like ads to have a clearly visible seal guaranteeing that
the brand is not tracking.
87% have noticed when an ads follows them around, and 46% of those find it suspicious.
53% of consumers favor brands who protect their privacy.


Perion’s innovative cookieless targeting suite


Our proprietary cookieless technology that segments users into targetable SmartGroups based on their shared attributes.


Reaches relevant users by targeting ads based on the content of the page they are viewing.


Industry wide identifiers that allow advertisers to target users across the supply chain without syncing cookies.

Cookieless suite that goes beyond privacy

Scaleable across browsers & devices
Drives performance by up to 2x
Supported across all Perion products
Deliver relevant ads
Direct & Programmatic deal types
CCPA & GDPR compliant