Publisher Platform

Creating Opportunities for Publishers Under Pressure

The nature of today’s digital ecosystem makes audience growth impossible for publishers. This leaves them with few levers for efficiently and predictably to control and grow their audiences. Perion’s Publisher Platform provides publishers with a strategic path to the future.

Perion’s Publisher Platform (branded as Wildfire) provides publishers with a strategic path to the future. We drive incremental growth in the face of declining revenues with traffic that comes from Facebook, Taboola, Yahoo! and other unquestionable sources. Perion’s Publisher Platform have seen up to a 500% increase in traffic; 40% increase in programmatic revenue, and 30% increase in revenue-per-session.

Programmatic Revenue
Revenue per Session

How We Do It

Perion has built a Capture and Convince loop that uses intent signals to keep users engaged – moment-after-moment - by continually optimizing content, advertising and layout within our mini-sites. Our machine learning and AI analyze and deploy tens of thousands of combinations of content and advertising. Perion keeps users engaged for an average of six minutes. These are extraordinary result given that social media barely engages users for seconds. This monetization engine is tracked by our system, which is able to optimize revenue-per-session, refining and informing decision-making by identifying pockets of profitability and loss.

Looking Forward

Publishers will continue to be threatened by the behemoths of social media, and will require technology solutions that enable them to drive traffic and revenue that is affordable and scalable. Perion’s Capture and Convince Publisher Solution is unequaled in the end-to-end platform it offers. All the trends in the multi-billion-dollar publishing world have lined up behind our solution.

“Perion built sustainable paid strategy for publishers”

Dev Pragad

CEO of Newsweek