Data Privacy And ESG Are Meeting. Are You Paying Attention?

Mar 08, 2023

The Value of Attention

If an ad runs and no one pays attention, can it be effective?
Dec 20, 2022

Twitter in 2022: The Medium Actually is the Message 

Advertisers are done with Twitter. And truthfully, they’re not the only ones. 
Oct 19, 2022

Don’t Wait For Google: Set Your Brand’s Own Privacy Timeline

Here are three reasons brands shouldn’t wait for Google and why business-as-usual is a strategic mistake that could backfire on your fundamental trust relationship with...
Oct 03, 2022

Consumers Will Punish Companies – and Their Investors – Who Flout Privacy

The context within which investors and analysts operate has been turned upside down. Their world used to be simple: Asset managers would develop their own...
Sep 08, 2022

A Modern Marketer’s Guide To Sweeter Success, Without Cookies

Google just recently announced an extension of cookies until late 2024. This is a shame for marketers because the cookie crutch will encourage digital advertisers...
Aug 23, 2022

The Power of the Premium Publisher: The Rise of Context

Much is being written regarding the death of cookies. But this should not be confused with the end of digital advertising.