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Meet the Perioneers


“This is a great place for professional development – it’s a young environment with wonderful people.”  

Moshe Hovgen, Automation Engineer

“The people here are a pleasure to work with. I enjoy coming to work every day, and we are consistently encouraged to innovate and improve. It’s what keeps me fresh and motivated.”  

Nataly Sirawy, QA Team Leader
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“Being part of a young and dynamic company like Perion really gives employees the chance to express themselves and fulfill their ambitions. That’s why I love working here.”

Bat El Bahar, QA Engineer

“The people, the challenging work, the opportunities that are here. What else could I ask for?”

Itzik Turjeman, QA Engineer

“We provide solutions and make sure everything works properly. I’m proud to say we have the best customer satisfaction ever.”

Victor Hassan, QA & Support Team Leader

“I work with the kindest and most talented people here at Perion. It’s like the famous proverb says, ‘If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.’”

Getu Zemene, G&A Corporate Finance

“It’s great to be part of a leading tech company with a vision. Every Perioneer is a strong talent in the tech world and a specialist in their field. I’m proud to be part of something incredible.“  

Roee Ganot, SEO Manager

“I love the freedom and independence that is given to employees.”

Sharon Hershkovitz Bartur, Business Technologies Project Manager

“At Perion, I have the opportunity to work with amazing people and to contribute my two cents on projects which help the entire company.”

Zoya Bernshtein, FP&A Analyst

“I am surrounded by smart, ambitious people in an innovation-inspiring environment. This is what allows me to grow immensely in my work.”

Liron Suliman, SEM Account Manager

“Perion is a haven for people with creative ideas. This is a company that actually allows those ideas to be realized – Perion truly believes in its employees.”  

Angie Geffen, VP Marketing
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“Perion is a dynamic company that knows how to adapt in a very challenging and competitive industry. People here know how to think outside of the box.”

Alon Gorgani, Legal Counsel
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“It’s a fun office, a young place, a happy environment. And in my position I get to interact with a lot of different employees and products.”

Anna Butovski, QA Engineer

“This is the best school I could ask for – I get to work with the newest technologies and latest methodologies. And it‘s not only a workspace, it’s also a social space. There are great, intelligent people, who are also close friends.”  

Lior Cohen, Business Intelligence Solutions Manager
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“There are very good vibes here. Doors are always open, and I get all the support I need.”

Elad Druckman, Director of Advertising

“I love the action at Perion – there is always something new going on and opportunities to learn. Not to mention the people – simply the best.”

Keren Koresh, Engineer

“I get to be involved in a range of projects and collaborate with people across the company. I also get a sneak peek at all content before it goes live. Now that’s something to write home about.”

Michal Toiba Kokh, Content Manager