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CodeFuel is an engagement and monetization suite delivering solutions for both content publishers and advertisers. It keeps end users on site for longer while opening more revenue channels.

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CodeFuel allows publishers to optimize their content and grow audiences to build the perfect native ad experience. It positions targeted content in multiple formats with a heavy focus on user experience. With CodeFuel activated, users stay on site for longer exploring more pages, generating incremental revenue for publishers in the process.

CodeFuel uses intent based, targeted ad placements with high performance search to deliver the most accurate results possible and is backed by strong optimization capabilities-  allowing all campaigns to be modified and strengthened using analytics to drive powerful real-time results.

  • Open more revenue channels across all areas of online real estate.
  • Obtain powerful and real time analytics to fully optimize performance.
  • Deliver across all screens in multiple ad formats including video, display and interstitial.
  • Create a perfect and targeted native ad experience, delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.
  • Integrate CodeFuel quickly and easily, adapting it to the look and feel of your site content.

CodeFuel Solutions