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About Us

Perion powers innovation. Perion is a global performance-based media and Internet company, providing online publishers and app developers advanced technology and a variety of intelligent, data-driven solutions to monetize and promote their application or content, based on our own experience as an app developer.

Our leading software monetization platform, Perion Codefuel, empowers digital businesses to optimize installs, analyze data and maximize revenue. Our app promotion platform, Perion Lightspeed, enables developers to make wise decisions on where to spend advertising budgets to produce the highest yield and the most visibility.

The Perion team brings decades of experience, operating and investing in digitally-enabled businesses, and we continue to innovate and create value for the app ecosystem.  Follow Perion on Twitter @perionnetwork.

Company profile

Our living brand

This has been a year of great transformation for Perion. We have become a leader in the online app ecosystem, and our new brand aims to capture this evolution and momentum.

Our dynamic identity captures the living heart of our organization. We wanted our new brand to reflect who we really are: a corporation that is performance driven yet friendly and attentive.

We keep up with the changes of the industry and continuously strive to lead and perform, and we wanted to reflect this vivid nature in our new brand. Other organizations identify with a static logotype. We maintain a dynamic brand. So look for the “living P”— an ever-changing and welcoming symbol of our brand and our hearts.

Life at Perion

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